Little Champs's Chinese Crested kennel is located to La Mailleraye sur Seine, just a step from Rouen.




Chinese Crested, hairless and Chinese Crested, powderpuff



By selecting the best international bloodlines, we are proud to have Chinese Cresteds dogs of quality and all our efforts go towards the promotion of this wonderful breed still little known in Belgium.

Our dogs take part in the family life and we are particularly attentive to their prosperity and to the health of their descendants.

They have 30 ares to cavort freely. We possess a track of agility on which we can train them at any time, while amusing them, to assure them a good muscular and mental development.

Chinese Cresteds which you visit on this site arise from lineages perfectly studied on the plan compatibility, for a good health first of all, for a beauty then. Indeed, our breeding began in association with true friendly connoisseurs of the breed and by our own experience of the dog generally, what allows us to guarantee you healthy, well-balanced dogs puppies and free from problems.
We can not end without thanking the persons who helped, advised and supported us.
First of all, we thank the numerous persons who relied on us for the choice of their companion by buying a puppy of our kennel for our first years until this day.

 Thank you to Joël Devillers, who authorizes us to illustrate our site with the beautiful photos of our dogs which he realizes during our various dog shows.


And finally, thank you in all our dogs, past, present and to come for their love and their enjoyment that they lavish us in everyday life.


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