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As breeders and lovers of the Chinese Crested breed, like thousands of other Crested lovers, regularly consult the wonderful free site

ChineseCrested.No - The ultimate information site and pedigree database for Chinese Crested dog

to study pedigrees and look at photos of Cresteds around the world.

So when we heard that the future of this marvellous site was at risk we decided to contact the site owners, Tommy & Annika to see if we could help in any way.

Now, the months of doubt and uncertainty regarding the future of the  ChineseCrested.no site are at an end - as we at "Little Champs Products Line" are delighted to announce that we have become the site's official sponsors! 

We are thrilled and excited about this new venture and we are looking forward to working with chinesecrested.no into 2008 and onwards. Tommy & Annika are so passionate about the Chinese Crested breed that just two years ago they decided to create this special site as a knowledge base for Crested lovers across the globe. They wanted a place to learn about the breed, to study pedigrees, look at lots of pictures, locate breeders: A one-stop place to study and share information about the breed. Such a place didn't exist - so they created it! They could not ever have imagined how the site would become the largest & most visited Chinese Crested site on the internet.

Little Champs line of special cosmetics for hairless dogs was created in exactly the same way, and out of the same passion for our beloved breed. So we feel that  chinesecrested.no & Little Champs Product Line are indeed "perfect partners" and that together we can support Chinese Crested breeders now and in the future.

We would like to thank Tommy & Annika for their hard work and dedication in creating this very special site for all of us and  we look forward to working together with them for many years to come.
We would like to say a special thanks to Mrs. Jacqui Williams for her very precious help.

Our dogs were chosen by the drafting of Woef magazine
to illustrate the article on the race of the month,
which is for February 2007: The Hairless Dog

Our dogs in
TELEPRO Magazin, week of 18th to 24th of November 2006

Our dogs were chosen by the drafting of MUZOO magazin
to illustrate the article on the race of the month,
which is for April 2006: The Hairless Dog