In agility it is a question of making a route about 20 obstacles, in an defined order , without faults and as fast as possible. This canine sport can be compared with the jumping for horses.
This discipline is, as well for the dog as for the owner, a fantastic leisure.



The Chinese Crested Dogs have very good capacities. They are very fast and handy. The structure of their posterior members allows them to reach big speeds on short distances. Furthermore they are very supple and possess a major power of jump. The route with the various obstacles appeals as well to the speed as to the physical power of the Chinese Crested Dog.
Their greediness to learn, their intelligence and their very merry character stimulates them and favors them enormously for their mental health.


                   Frimeur Little Champs Chien Chinois    


 During trainings link between the dog and the owner becomes more and more important. They learn one of the other one so that contact and agreement among them is more and more big.

The practice of this sport has as result a Chinese Crested Dog very well balanced and very well educated. The dog can with this sport spend its energy and satisfy its taste to stay in movement. It is so a good way to maintain your dog in perfect condition.


In summary we can assert that this canine sport satisfies the necessities of the Chinese Crested Dog so that it will participate in it enthusiastically.







 If you are interested in this sport, we shall help you very gladly to choose your puppy.






I Kiss You Little Champs


Chinese Girl Little Champs,
chez Béatrice Laurette,  ©Du Domaine De Cha Su Bao
E.Lacy Little Champs,
chez Claudia Jost, © Its my dream